Regular Teeth Extractions

There are many reasons why a patient may need a tooth or multiple teeth extractions such as decay, infections, and tumors to mention a few. While Dr. Pernoud always prefers to save a tooth, if that is not possible, the permanent removal of the tooth or teeth is required. As a Board certified oral surgeon, Dr. Pernoud’s advanced training in oral surgery qualifies him to remove the tooth or teeth better than less qualified dentists and he also has the advanced training to handle any complications that could develop.

Tooth Extractions for Impacted Teeth

Since the average mouth is only able to hold between 26 and 32 teeth, sometimes overcrowding or impacted teeth can be the biggest issues that lead to a tooth extraction. When teeth are not positioned properly, it is also hard to effectively clean them.

Although it may seem like having a tooth forcefully removed is a scary experience, we do our best to keep you from feeling any type of pain. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with our oral surgeon, Dr. Michael J. Pernoud. He is board certified and offers you the personal attention that you are seeking in your oral surgeon.

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Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Third molars, otherwise known as Wisdom teeth, are the last teeth to develop. Most human jaws are not large enough to accommodate these teeth. As a consequence, wisdom teeth can cause many problems such as overcrowding among your other teeth which causes cleaning problems for your teeth. This can lead to tooth decay. Among other problems is the fact that they often cannot surface and remain wholly or partial impacted in the bone. This can lead to many problems such as cysts, tumors, periodontal disease, acute infections and loss of adjacent teeth.

Your wisdom teeth develop in teenage years and continue that development until you are in your twenties. The longer the teeth remain the jaw, the harder they become to remove and risk of complications increases. In sum, serious problems develop as you age when your wisdom teeth are not removed at an early age.

What to Expect When Having Your Teeth Pulled?

Before we proceed with your wisdom tooth removal, anesthesia is applied to numb your mouth and stabilize your nerves. Whether you are having a simple extraction or a surgical extraction, you will be relaxed either way. You may sense a little pressure, but it won't be unbearable at all. In the end, you can look forward to your original irritation being alleviated!

Not only does Dr. Pernoud have all the qualifications to handle all these situations, he also has the qualifications to provide deep sedation / general anesthesia to provide the most pain free environment for your teeth extractions.

Contact us to schedule an appointment for wisdom teeth removal or tooth extractions at our office in Washington MO. We proudly serve patients in St. Louis, Chesterfield, Washington, Eureka, Wildwood, Pacific, Sullivan, St Charles, St Peters Lake, and O’Fallon.